st louis cemeteryTake a journey through New Orleans’ past when you visit St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Discover the tombs of famous residents, get up close and personal with the city’s unique above-ground burial structures, and learn interesting historical facts. Learning about a city’s buried residents is like stepping into a hidden world, one populated by the footprints of those who came before. Walking along a meandering path, you will see the tombs of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, historic figure Homer Plessy, former Mayors of the City of New Orleans, and many other notable characters in New Orleans’ marvelous history.

Cemetery Tour Hosts are locally licensed and specially trained to offer the most accurate and complete tours of the cemetery on behalf of New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries.

Patrons for Preservations – Code of Conduct

Remember, the cemetery is sacred hallowed ground, the final resting place of thousands of New Orleanians for over two centuries. It is also a very rare and fragile architectural site, still actively used for burials. Therefore, managed visitation is required to ensure the sustainability of this treasure for generations to come.

Cemetery Tour staff members will enforce the following Policies:

  • No touching, sitting or leaning on tombs, fences, or other structures
  • Marking or rubbing on tombs is prohibited.
  • Vandalism and theft are illegal and will be prosecuted.
  • Deposit of any items on tombs or in the cemetery is prohibited (such as candles, beans, coins, shells, rocks, figures, pictures, images, etc.).
  • No eating in the cemetery - water bottles with lids are encouraged.
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St. Louis Cemetery
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